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We founded the Jasenovac Research Institute in 1998 to make the truth about the Holocaust in Yugoslavia known to the world. We believe that learning the lessons of Jasenovac is indispensable not only to obtaining justice and recognition for its victims, both living and dead, but also for understanding the true context and history of war crimes and civil wars in Balkan history. If this work is important to you too, and if you wish to see it continue, we need you to make a financial contribution to the Jasenovac Research Institute now. We depend on the commitment and energy of volunteers to carry out this work. But we also depend on the financial contributions of people like you who care about Jasenovac, who care about the Holocaust in Yugoslavia, and who understand that the consequences of these crimes are still with us. Above all we need people like you, people who understand that the continuing suppression of this chapter of the Holocaust is at the very core of all injustices facing the peoples of the Balkans today, to step forward and make their contribution to the struggle for the truth. Your contribution is vital to the struggle to make the truth of Jasenovac known to the whole world. Please take a few minutes to help us realize our work with a financial contribution today. You can make your financial contribution to the JRI by credit card by clicking button below and following the instructions on the next page. 

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